Substantive Interests:

Customer Management (Product Returns, Product Customization, Customer Journey Analytics), Branding (Private Labels, Brand Equity Dynamics, Human Brands & Star Power)


Causal Inference, Applied Econometrics, Machine Learning

Industries & Context:

Omnichannel Shopping Experience, Upscale Retailing, Fashion, Luxury, Entertainment



Essays on Customer Management in Luxury Retailing: Empirical Applications of Causal Inference and Machine Learning Techniques to the Study of Product Returns, Customization, and Customer Reacquisition


Working Papers

Suh Yeon Kim, Michael Lewis, and Yanwen Wang, “The Effects of a Physical Store Opening on Product Purchase and Return Behaviors”

Suh Yeon Kim, Michael Lewis, and Tongil "TI" Kim, “Product Customization and Customer Value Dynamics”

Suh Yeon Kim and Michael Lewis, “Star Power Creation and Measurement: A Causal Inference and Machine Learning Based Analysis of Star Power in Combat Sports”

Work in Progress

“Status Demotions in Hierarchical Loyalty Programs” with Michael Lewis

“Cross-Selling and Re-acquisition in the Upscale Clothing Industry,” with Michael Lewis

“Human Brand Dynamics: An Empirical Analysis of the Consequences of Physical Trauma on Sports Celebrities," with Michael Lewis

Research Interests | Empirical Research in Marketing