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Substantive Interests:

Customer Journey & Customer Relationship Management


Environmental Sustainability


Causal Inference, Applied Econometrics, Machine Learning

Industries & Context:

Upscale Fashion, Luxury, Omnichannel Retail, Entertainment

Working Papers

Suh Yeon Kim, Rebecca Hamilton, Tongil "TI" Kim, and Michael Lewis, “Customization and Customer Journey: Lasting Effects on Retailer Loyalty" 

Suh Yeon Kim, Michael Lewis, and Yanwen Wang, “The Effects of a Physical Store Opening on Product Purchase and Return Behaviors”

Suh Yeon Kim and Michael Lewis, “Star Power Creation and Measurement: A Causal Inference and Machine Learning Based Analysis of Star Power in Combat Sports”

Tae Wook Lim, Tongil "TI" Kim, and Suh Yeon Kim (Equal Contribution), “Consumer Response to Climate Change: Wildfire Smoke and Sustainable Product Choice”

Work in Progress

“ Algorithmic and Human Biases in Customer Relationship Management on Social Media” with Dawson Kaaua and Emisa Nategh

“Status Demotions in Hierarchical Loyalty Programs” with Michael Lewis

“Cross-Selling and Re-acquisition in the Upscale Clothing Industry” with Michael Lewis

“Human Brand Dynamics: An Empirical Analysis of the Consequences of Physical Trauma on Sports Celebrities" with Michael Lewis

Research Interests | Empirical Research in Marketing

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